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Rootworker - Haiku

Rootworker said, "Deep."
Find Truth by digging deeper
Validate, for self


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Peace, Fam. Thank you for joining me as I explore my love of everything Black. Growing up in Detroit as a 1970s kid, I loved learning about Black culture. Books, cheerleading, softball, and other community-based programming kept me busy. Music was a huge part of my life. Whether dancing under the streetlights with my friends before the lights flickered on,  hitting the rink on Wednesday and Saturday nights for roller skating, or catching an outdoor concert. Black art was a staple in my home and community.


A creative, determined to live my purpose as a Healing Artist, I use a combination of Holistic Creative Arts including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, poetry, essays, and jewelry design to empower others. 


The beauty found in Black culture stretches over continents and encompasses a sea of voices and movements across the African diaspora. 


As an artist and writer, I wish to learn as much as I can about who we are. For the record, I'm rooting for everybody Black. I want so much for my people that, I continue the work and my purpose "connecting people and unifying communities" whether it is of popular opinion or not, is no matter to me.


I pay homage to the ancestors and elders who paved the way and I work towards a Black art infused better tomorrow.


Join me as we explore the issues of the day affecting Black communities. Mental illness in Black communities, Healing from Childhood Trauma,  Sex On The Table: Decoding Black Sexual Politics, and Queering Black Spaces. In helping survivors with resources and tools to overcome trauma we create safe spaces and community.  


Your thoughts are welcome here. However, homophobia and anti-Blackness will not be tolerated.


If you're looking for content and conversation that involves critical thinking and working with like-minded spirits for a beter tomorrow, you're in the right spot. Let's dig deep. Peace and Love,


C. Imani Williams, Founder - Standing On United Love - SOUL Project.

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